(248) Large Ocean Pour, Dutch Pour Fluid Art Technique

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I LOVE this phthalo blue and light green together! The ocean green made some really nice cells throughout the piece.

I didn't add any metallics in this pour; I plan on embellishing it after it dries. It is still slightly wet but is really drying nicely.

I used white, turquoise, ocean green and phthalo blue. I thinned each color down with water and a small amount of floetrol, no silicone in this mix.

I poured the colors individually and then I used the hair dryer to move the paint around. Overall, I wish I had more negative space with the white, but I do like the bright and bold colors. I will continue to practice this technique until I get the results that I want. I like the design that the hair dryer creates and also how it blends the paint together.

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