(260) Large Chakra Dutch Pour, Fluid Art Technique

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Floetrol: https://amzn.to/2TVBPCZ

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It seems like people enjoyed listening to me speak in my last video, so I decided to do another verbal walk through. I hope you enjoy it! If it helps people or if you have questions that I can answer in videos, I will try and do some verbal / talking tutorials every few videos. I know some people just like to hear it instead of music and others like hearing my process. I also know other people watch my videos because I just play music, so I want to do a mix of each!

For this video, I wanted to do another Chakra Dutch Pour, but do a larger canvas. I am using an 8 x 24 inch canvas and am putting all of the colors onto this canvas, instead of splitting them like I did in my previous video.

Overall, this one turned out really nicely and I am very happy with trying out a larger Dutch Pour. I am going to try these colors one more time on a larger canvas like this because I have another idea for a technique. Thinning down my paint worked to get some more cells, so I will just have to keep on practicing my consistency to get my technique down!

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