3D Holographic Glitter Cube Nail Art Design

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Hi everyone,

Today we’re going to create a 3D cube design using glitters.

I’m going to start off with a coat of Serious Black, and cure the nail. I’m then going to apply a thin layer of topcoat. I’m then going to decant a few pieces of glitter into the lid of each pot. We’re then going to create a cube with three glitter pieces, make sure to keep a little bit of distance between the glitter to make it look like a cube. Create as many cubes as you want across the nail. Once the cubes are in the right position, cure the nail.

Now I’m going to Top Coat the nail to seal them in, I’m going to do 2 top coats to apply the chrome flakes in the spare space and then topcoat again to seal it all in.

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Love Kirsty

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