42 सालों बाद खुला इस आदमी के मौत का राज़... Science Case Analysis of Missing People

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42 सालों बाद खुला इस आदमी के मौत का राज़... Science Case Analysis of Missing People

Hello friends, medical science, biology, research in health and fitness, cardiology and psychology are fields in which doctors see thousands of strange and unreal cases in medical literature. They do regular analysis and investigation of the data and this aid us in research in medical field. Physiology of our human body is a complicated subject and often grants mysterious and interesting leads in medical technology advancement which can help in criminology and post mortem of cases.

There are some cases of missing people, who just disappear from the face of the Earth and are never seen again. Today we discuss the case of Davie Lee Niles and 2 others who disappeared all of a sudden. We also talk about absentia and cases in India an America. Watch the entire video to know more -

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