Acrylic Pour Painting TRIPLE SPLIT

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Acrylic Pouring Triptych with Color Split, WOW!

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Today I am making an amazing acrylic pour color split triptych. It took me two tries and so happy with the endresult. This acrylic painting is made with the dutch pour technique.

Find here all the supplies/paints I use:

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USED COLORS for this Acrylic Pour:
Oxydeblack with Winsor Blue, Greyish Blue, Olive Green with Titanium White,Gold, Copper, Violet Red, Violet, Titanium White.

0:00 Intro: What kind of Acrylic Pour will I make
1:48 Pouring the 3 base colors for this acrylic Pouring
3:37 Adding the colored line
5:49 Using the Dutch Pour Technique
6:32 Mouthblowing to get the right composition
8:58 End result of this Fluid Art Triptych
Thanks for watching!

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There will be more acrylic pouring tutorials, experiments & techniques coming, if you like to follow me, you can subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon (so you will be notified whenever a new video is up). Also I’d very much appreciate any feedback. And of course I love to challenge myself, so if you have an idea, let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a try!
I am an acrylic pouring addict, without a doubt. Playing with colors, testing out new fluid art techniques, brands, sizes & collaborating with other abstract fluid artists; is the best. Since I started this journey I feel more balanced in my work and passion. If you see these fluid painting tutorials and feel like, this is something for me: go for it! The fun thing about fluid painting is, that even though you do exactly the same, the outcome is different everytime. Also everybody has a different view of composition, colorcombinations and the way of doing a technique, what makes and keeps it so interesting to watch. Thank you for watching and following me in my modern art journey!

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