Acrylic pour painting with batteries | electrifying | fluid art

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We paint a unique picture with the help of 16 batteries - nobody has done this before! Pay attention to the size of the batteries - if they are too small, painting will not work - if they are too large, your canvas will break.

I got the best results with AA batteries. Brand no matter. It is also not important whether they are empty or full. The batteries should only be in good condition and not fall over with the slightest movement of the screen.

I divided the canvas with a pencil and ruler so the batteries are well aligned. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

When pouring the acrylic paint, I turned the canvas a bit, but great pictures are created even without rotation.

As always, I hope you enjoy painting with acrylic and would be happy if you would give me a thumbs up or a nice comment.

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