Demon Core - The Most Dangerous Science Experiment in the World

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The desert can hold many secrets. The desert near Los Alamos in New Mexico just after World War 2 held perhaps the biggest secret of them all. Learn more about the Most Dangerous Science Experiment in the World with another Dark Docs presented by Dark5.

May 21st, 1946. A top-secret laboratory. A group of scientists look on as one of their colleagues, a Canadian named Louis Slotin, conducts a demonstration. Slotin hovers over a strange object, which sits on display on a small table in front of the crowd of onlookers. The object looks like a metal sphere, nested inside a more substantial metal hemisphere like an egg in a nest. But this metal device contains a terrifying potential. Why? Because it is nothing less than the exposed core of a nuclear bomb, and the egg at the center is an orb of pure plutonium. Imagine being in that room. You probably would have heard a pin drop, such was the intense atmosphere. Slotin’s demonstration was a risky one. The operation he was performing had an ominous nickname among the group – they dubbed it [quote] “tickling the dragon’s tail.”

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