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It’s one thing to have art be your hobby, but it’s another to make it a full-time gig. These 20 artists who work in the entertainment industry reveal how they jump started their careers. Hopefully you can use these inspiring stories as a way to carve your own path.

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Thumbnail Art by Sean Galloway
Thank you to all the artists that participated:
Pascal Campion:
Bobby Chiu:
Sean Galloway:
T.J. Geisen:
Erik Gist:
Sanford Greene:
Brian Haberlin:
Peter Han:
Cutter Hays:
Eliza Ivanova:
Karl Kopinski:
Colin Lawler:
Vanessa Lemen:
Sean Andrew Murray:
Lucio Parrillo:
Stephen Silver:
William Stout:
Philip Tan:
Marshall Vandruff:
Chrissie Zullo:

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Interviewer | Producer - Stan Prokopenko (
Production Assistance - Sean Ramsey (, Kaitlin Jensma (
Editing - Sean Ramsey
Artists Interviewed:
Philip Tan (, Sean Galloway (, T.J. Geisen (, Sanford Greene (, Cutter Hays (, Marshall Vandruff (, Erik Gist (, Brian Haberlin (, Peter Han (, Stephen Silver (, Bobby Chiu (, Karl Kopinski (, William Stout (, Lucio Parrillo (, Eliza Ivanova (, Vanessa Lemen (, Sean Andrew Murray (, Pascal Campion (, Colin Lawler (, Chrissie Zullo (

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