GOOD MORNING MUSIC - 528 HZ Boost Positive Energy | Peaceful Morning Meditation Music For Waking Up

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Good Morning Music For A Peaceful Start To your day - Boost Positive energy Morning Meditation Music. Can be used for focus, healing, yoga, relaxation or anything you desire. Enjoy your beautiful day. Have a great morning!

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According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.

Math scientist Victor Showell describes 528 Hz as fundamental to the ancient Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean evident throughout the natural design. Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) have proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring.

Listening to 528Hz promotes personal power and spiritual growth. It helps us release unconscious blockages and limitations that have held us back so that we can with lesser resistance become our authentic self and move into the light of our higher mind.

Listen for 30 days for maximum effects.

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