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My Name is Sagar
Contact – 9475171863 (Please Whatsapp)
Email Id-

Friend I am Using Natural Ganga Clay/ Black Mitti… Available near Kolkata…
Don’t worry about clay…you can try with any fine smooth clay …
Please friend follow my channel …I will try to make video according to your choice.
Please comment for your kind suggestions… I will follow.
Thank you friend for watching my working video, please please please support me to enhance my energy to create new art forms, I will show you new techniques, designs, creative art work through my channel, so subscribe my Channel & press Bell icon…

Find below link for material which I used--- you can also buy online to click these links-
Tools: Sculpting Tools-
Wooden Sculpting Tools-
Scapper Sculpting Tools-
Sculpting tools kit-
Clay: Sculpting Clay-
Air Dry Clay-
Modeling clay-
Brush: Painting Brush-
Good Painting Brush-
Good Painting Brush-
Good Acrelic Color-
Color: Acrelic Color-
Metalic color-

How to Make Homemade Tools-
How to Make Face-
How to Make Clay-
How to prevent clay from Crack -
Which clay I used-
How to paint Idol-
How to Make Clay base-

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