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Question 1: Who would use an altimeter? And why?
Answer a: A captain, to see how level his ship is
Answer b: A driver, to see how fast the car is moving
Answer c: A pilot, to see how high up she is
Answer d: A scientist, to measure exact quantities

Question 2: Elias Howe successfully sued Isaac Singer for violating his patent on what invention?
Answer a: Internal combustion engine
Answer b: Sewing machine
Answer c: Cotton gin
Answer d: Elevator

Question 3: Back in the 1970s, which of these items might have been quadraphonic?
Answer a: A TV screen
Answer b: A sports car
Answer c: A stereo system
Answer d: A supersonic jet

Question 4: I'm credited with inventing the cat flap, whose pendulum effect also illustrates my third law of motion. Who am I?
Answer a: Copernicus
Answer b: Robert Boyle
Answer c: Isaac Newton
Answer d: Rene Descartes

Question 5: When enzymes break down stray red blood cells, they leave dark circles behind in a part of your face with the thinnest skin. Where?
Answer a: Behind the ears
Answer b: The forehead
Answer c: Under the eyes
Answer d: The chin

Question 6: Despite its effectiveness in controlling malarial mosquitoes, what controversial chemical vanished from use after Rachel Carson blamed it for killing birds and poisoning people in her 1962 book Silent Spring?
Answer a: Thalidomide
Answer b: Alar
Answer c: DDT
Answer d: Agent Orange

Question 7: What would you use a lathe for?
Answer a: To kill your enemies
Answer b: To spin pots
Answer c: To melt cheese
Answer d: To shape metal

Question 8: The US Army developed N, N- diethyl-m-toluamide in 1946. Today, it is sold as DEET. What do we use it for?
Answer a: Repel bugs
Answer b: Replace sugar
Answer c: Catch fish
Answer d: Decaffeinate coffee

Question 9: Some define the Arctic as being the 50-degree isotherm, where the average summer temperature is roughly where the tree line is. What is this area called?
Answer a: Taigi
Answer b: Tundra
Answer c: Polyni
Answer d: Satsrugi

Question 10: What monster was supposedly photographed by London gynecologist Robert Wilson in 1934?
Answer a: King Kong
Answer b: Godzilla
Answer c: Loch Ness monster
Answer d: Bigfoot

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