Surprise Shopping Challenge for Sharer Family Mystery Box Reveal!!

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Last time Stephen got surprised, it was from his sister Grace Sharer and ever since then Steven and Grace has been doing SIS VS BRO challenges and hinting at the new surprise like in the PAUSE CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER for 24 HOURS (Mystery Remote Found in Game Master Treasure Chest) in WORLDS BIGGEST Mystery Spy Machine SURPRISE for STEPHEN SHARER Revealed!! (Best Secret Ever) today, this shopping spree Stephen Sharer is going on is to get clues to reveal the new Sharer Family big surprise. Steven and his sis Grace Sharer went shopping for mystery items for the Sharer Fam surprise to collect the best evidence they could find to give the Family members the best clues to guess the big surprise reveal. A lot of Sharers have been commenting their best guesses in Stephen’s last vlog Discovered GAME MASTER Mystery Spy Evidence in Secret Hideout!! (Sharer Family Surprise Clues Hint) and a few subscribers guess correctly Whats in the Sharer Fam Mystery box?

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