The Craziest Duggar Family Moments You Never Got To See On TV

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TLC's 19 Kids and Counting was once among the hottest reality shows on television. But then a series of shocking scandals led the the reality TV show's abrupt cancellation. Josh Duggar's unconscionable actions weren't the only off-screen moments the series didn't show you, though. Here are some other things they didn't want you to see.

It's no secret Duggar family weddings are big, often drawing crowds of over 1,000 people, and that's just counting Michelle and Jim Bob's children!

Seriously, though, these things can be a lot harder to put together than they want you to think, as shown by Josiah and Lauren Duggar's wedding. TLC's official version made it look like the perfect ceremony, but that apparently wasn't the case. One insider told Radar Online,

"The whole event was chaotic. Everything was messed up. The organizer messed everything up for the volunteers and the venue. The wedding was still being set up the afternoon of."

Watch the video for more of The Craziest Duggar Family Moments You Never Got To See On TV.

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