The Science Behind ‘Relatable’ YouTubers - HOW ARE THEY SO POPULAR??

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In the past, let's players and makeup artists ruled YouTube. Lately, though, a new genre of YouTuber has taken over the aforementioned website: "relatable" YouTubers. Belle decides to learn more about the latest trend on YouTube and why they've become so popular so quickly.

Hello, people of the internet! My name is Belle, and yes, this is my video's description! Thank you so much for watching my video on "relatable" YouTubers. We discuss past YouTube trends, the reasoning behind why "relatability" is currently trending, what makes someone a "relatable" YouTuber, as well as briefly discuss some currently popular "relatable" YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain, Haley Pham, Antonio Garza, Joana Ceddia, and Elle Mills...


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