What if Ice Creams Disappeared? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

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Firstly, if ice-creams disappeared, people who are late sleepers will miss eating their pint sized ice-creams while watching their favorite movies.
Secondly, milk is an extremely important constituent of an ice-cream, if ice-creams disappeared, milk consumption will go down all around the world.
Thirdly, if ice-creams disappeared, the sweltering heat of summer will make people day-dream of eating those cool refreshing ice-creams.
Fourthly, ice-cream shops all around the world will close down, jobs will be lost, economy might suffer.
On the flip side,
Firstly, consumption of ice-creams is known to increase belly fat, if ice-creams disappeared, gym memberships may go down as people may not join gyms anymore to reduce excess belly fat.
Secondly, saturated fats present in ice-creams are known to increase risk of heart disease, if ice-creams disappeared, our hearts would be extremely happy.

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